MSC Business Incubator

Equipping the Founders of New Ventures with the Core Skills, Competencies & Entrepreneurial Mindset Attributes to achieve success.



Initial Application. Complete the Online Application by 14 May 2021 at 23:59 CAT.

Review. After the application closes, we will conduct an initial screening of each applicant and the top 40 applications will move on to the next stage in the Selection Process.

Screening Calls. The 40 finalist will have a 5-minute screening call with a member of the incubator team to answer any questions about their application, venture, and ability to commit to the program.

Pitch Day. The 40 finalists will also be given 5 minutes to deliver a virtual pitch and 5 minutes to answers questions from members of the Selections Committee via a Zoom video conference. Pitch Day gives the Selections Committee a chance to interact with finalists and learn more about each venture.

Final Selection. After Pitch Day, members of the Selections Committee will select 20 ventures for inclusion in the MSC Incubator programme.



  • You are between the ages of 18 and 35 and a South African citizen.
  • You are the founder of a new venture that is operational for at least 6 months.
  • You have the desire to seek support, services, coaching and mentoring from the business incubator to achieve the venture’s mission.
  • You have a willingness to be held accountable to monthly program goals, receiving and accepting feedback with the capacity to implement or act on suggestions.



We select entrepreneurs of early-stage ventures based on the following criteria: 

  • Problem/Solution: The venture solves a problem that potential customers are willing and able to pay for.
  • Scale: The venture has the potential for solving the identified problem at scale (local, national or international).
  • Profit: The venture operates profitable and has the potential for significant growth.
  • Innovation: The solution is unique and has qualities that differentiates it from current offerings.
  • Talent: The founder & team have what it takes to lead the venture to success. Focus is given to leadership potential, vision, expertise, practical / technical skills, including problem-solving, strategic, and organisational abilities.

How to Apply?

Email us a 4-page Business Case of your Venture. The Business Case should incorporate proof on each of the 5 Selection Criteria mentioned above (Problem/Solution; Scale; Profit; Innovation; Talent).


Email your submission to [email protected]

Subject Line - MSC Business Incubator