Yes, this is me, Daniel F Jacobs. Call me Dan, all my friends & family do.


Here is my story. I started my first business at the age of 5, selling my water paint depictions of life. Yeah right! They were awful drawings of trees, skewed houses, deformed stick people, with the traditional version of clouds and a smiling sun. I sold them for 10 cents each (in 1978) and although the quality was sub-standard, no-one could resist a cute and friendly little boy. I made ‘millions’ and was the richest 5 year old in Jeffrey’s Bay. Or, so I thought anyhow.

My first real obstacle in life came at the end of Grade 2 when they took play away. Yes, can you believe it? No more drawing pictures, Lego, dough, or anything remotely associated with stimulating my creativity and very active right brain. My world came tumbling down (very dramatic for illustrative purposes only) …., and I ended up being molded into a square, although I was born a triangle.

After school I followed the traditional path and went to University (that is what all squares did), but the decision was not driven by ambition. I ended up with a Master’s Degree in Medical Sociology; a Master’s Degree in Education, and; a Master’s Degree in Business Administration ((MBA).

Throughout the years there were glimpses of my “stardom”. I starter a clothing business, founded ILSC (Pty) Ltd, a consulting firm specialising in business model positioning, change enablement and employee engagement, and I was also the founder and Director of the Centre for Business Dynamics, self-sustaining commercial unit of the Business School at the University of the Free State. I lectured MBA students, traveled the world and developed customised solutions for the private and public sectors clients. 

It was in the ten years with the Business School that things would forever change. I realised that the world of work is changing to such an extent that unemployed graduates are the norm and not the exception. Yes, schools and universities are ill preparing our youth for the world of work & business and nothing is going to change in this regard. I realised that we need to capacitate and equip children and young adults with the necessary skills and competencies to become the authors of their own destiny. This gave birth to Young Entrepreneurs (Pty) Ltd!

Young Entrepreneurs and the Young Entrepreneurs Foundation (our NPO) impacts 10 000 individuals annually. Through our courses we are establishing 3500 micro enterprises on a yearly basis. We have also launched the Young Entrepreneurs Virtual Academy – the first online Business School for children, teens and young adults.  

The Gigxup Business Incubator is an extension of my purpose. I want to inspire and capacitate you to become the best version of yourself and be equipped with the skills, competencies & attributes to realise your dreams. The impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution & a post-COVID-19 economy are going to be significant - are you prepared?


PS: If I am not on my boat, I enjoy mountain biking, fly fishing &  travelling. I dare not say hunting :)


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